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Our History

Founded on 1954, Datos, actually Datos Group has been focused on increasing the customer knowledge through a vision, and always presenting
absolute methodology. Since the beginning, Datos Group has been driven to connect with close people through a passionate and
committed spirit, since these are the agents with the power to change the world.

In 1994, the company partners with Information Resources (IRI), who provided technical knowledge and technological improvement,
applied to the investigation of a world-class company, improving the platforms to get and process data from what motivates people and
determine their behavior.

In 2006, the Retail Tracking Services Unit (Store Audit) is sold to Nielsen, a market research world company.  The Saade family acquires 100%
Datos Group shares and refocuses on consumer research and public opinion; strengthening the willing to find new ways to create social impact and
go beyond.     

In 2007, Datos Group renews with innovative products, empowering its leader essence, for the truth, success, innovation and passion.  From 2009,
expansion starts in Latin America with Consumer Pulse, a solution that brings an integral vision for consumer´s everyday perspective.

In 2014, Datos Group ventures in Human Talent, developing tools to efficiently manage human talent; with a wide range of solutions, from acknowledging
the power of people in the organizations, identifying company strategic influential maps to empower people, to an Index development to measure Corporate Happiness and take companies to a new management and productivity level.     

Our ground braking spirit has lead us to find new ways, and develop solutions a step ahead in data interpretation that positively change the world.

Datos Group

Our Essence

We are information specialists.  Our endless passion for data interpretation drives us to manage the most innovative processes to understand realities and create opportunities.


 We are people specialists. We are passionate to understand their individuality, and the factor diverse configuration that make them unique and determine their behavior. Every individual gives us the opportunity to understand something new, from another point of view: his/her environment, preferences and emotions.

The obstacles challenge us to outperform and overcome standards.


We walk new roads to surprise with unique solutions, to understand the world and conquer with data innovative products. 
Always for innovation, truth, teamwork, engagement, quality, success, integrity, service awareness and social responsibility.

Datos Group

Our Range

Data has no frontier, neither the innovative solutions we offer, regarding to information, people knowledge and their connection to social and personal issues, with brands and companies.

Datos Group


We create solutions for visionaries

We believe in the power of people, and their personal and working environment. 
We know there are key attributes that allow us to determine those influential individuals, who may become successful change and growth agents for the company with passion and inspiration.  We manage the tools that determine those key attributes to search for the right candidates, as well as the tools to determine the individuals’ satisfaction elements in every organization. 

"We create solutions for visionaries "


It´s an on-line platform, used by high turnover industries focused on customer service, to improve the recruitment process based on the organizational culture.


It´s an on-line solution to assess the skills of an organization employees,
when applying for a new position, reducing the cost of the employees growth process inside the organization and with no preferential bias.


We believe in the power of people.  We go beyond the first individual stage in his/her organization, discovering the key attributes as well as their impact in the company. Among other attributes, we identify passion and inspiration, carried by the strategic influencers to promote valuable changes.


This quantitative tool, according to the positive perception of the organization members, helps to segment people who stand for their communication abilities and the potential to create changes in the organization.


The companies who hired InScore have used it successfully for:

  • Change management
  • Internal communications
  • Staff motivation
  • Organizational climate improvement
  • Development plans
  • Succession Plans
  • Leadership reinforcement


It´s an assistance program that helps to improve the human behavior of the employees of an organization,
based on the management of emotions to improve the corporate environment and personal and professional behavior.


It provides a clear, precise and first-hand view of the employee's feelings, from the macro to the micro, with special emphasis on the role of the leader as guarantor of a good work environment.
ECO is used internationally and annually more than 10 thousand collaborators are surveyed throughout the Americas.


Human Resources trends recommend increasing the company/employee contact, allowing organizations to listen more often, knowing what matters the most to the workforce, and their loyalty level with the organization. inPulse is a tool designed to satisfy these needs: frequent measures, use of a shorter format, fewer and unbiased questions. Combined, these allow inPulse to generate valuable information, useful in decision making.
inPulse aims to identify the most important topics in every team,; in other words, “What really matters.”


It´s a tool that allows to identify improvement opportunities,
from the perspective of those who leave the organization.


TuVoz; Is a tool designed to understand customer´s satisfaction, providing an unbiased measuring of service perception provided at the points of contact, based on satisfaction standards.

TuVoz finds the most important factors in the customer´s satisfaction and loyalty, considering 5 large dimensions: Motivation to Service, NPS® - Loyalty, First option in mind, Affective bond with the ® brand and General Satisfaction.

This state of the art tool has been used in several markets, is one of the good practices carried out in localities such as the US and Europe in order to provide better opportunities in the shopping experience; Datos Group wants to start gathering this information in Venezuela to make it available to our clients, therefor they can know better their clients´ needs and helps find new opportunities to thrive.

The Corporate Happiness Scale (CHS) measures the wellness and growth potential of an organization, based on
the happiness of the employees.

The Corporate Happiness Scale (CHS) rests on the most recent academic research and Positive Psychology approach,
Behavioral Economy, Intrinsic Motivation, researches about stress, and the creativity impact on integral wellness. 
The Employee Net Promoter Score also joins these sources of inspiration.

To see something naked eye is not enough; the world is complex, it´s increasingly important to connect and understand the relation of people and their world.  We process data that allow us to understand the connection between brands and individuals, to understand customers who have an unique way based on their preferences, emotions and environment.

"Others see information; we see opportunities"

Brand Bonds

Brands create value for consumers; we understand those perceptions to determine relevant data regarding the functional and emotional attributes, related to purchase “drivers” and the category at large.

It´s essential to know the way consumers connect to a brand and their choice instead of the competition, to understand the positioning in the consumer´s mind.

This product allows to:

  • Determine the relevant rational and emotional attributes for the consumer.
  • Know the source of the brand value based on function an emotion.
  • Consider the difference of the rational and emotional content on the purchase decision
  • Estimate every brand relative position related to the category drivers.

Brand Exposure

Based on our passion for communication, we analyze the consumer comprehension to the exposure of advertising messages and their

inspiration power, the connection to a brand or service, and the motivation to action.  

This way we verify the campaign effectiveness, evaluate brand perception, and discover new insights for the development of new campaigns;
essential in a market where millions of messages fight for a brand.

This product allows to:

  • Understand the behavior of the brand performance indicator.
  • Verify the public investment profitability, based on knowledge, application and positioning.
  • Identify opportunities and monitor the dispositions effect by following up the brand performance.
  • Assess every brand´s relative position based on the category drivers.

The environment determines the individuals, and they have the power to be change factors, by the transformation of the world around them. This is a reality, for which we create solutions to process data, which allow us to know and identify people development as citizens; people as environment members with specific social, political and economical processes.

We make reality a transforming power

National Pulse

The social, economical and political environment determines the individual behavior as a citizen.

This tool allows us to know the citizens behavior when facing social, economical and political processes by trend, as well as national specific situations.

This product allows to:

  • Understand the present through history, recognizing all the different stages of the Venezuelan social, economical and political processes for more than 45 years.
  • Know the trends to establish strategies for situations that may impact your business.

Regional Pulse

The management of governmental entities and their influence in the citizens and the environment is part of the social, economical and political processes.


This strategic tool allows us to acknowledge the trend and comparison of the public opinion in a state. It measures the regional and governor’s management, and the satisfaction levels for government actions and programs, to determine opportunities and plan the future.

This product allows to:

  • Assess the interior/city hall duties
  • Recognize the institution proximity levels with the people
  • Explore interior/city hall problems, the responsible party and solutions
  • Evaluate the mayor/governor image and management
  • Determine the interior/city hall management satisfaction level
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